Bologna Bust

I decided to go on a solo trip to Bologna for a few days as it had been around a year since I last travelled totally alone. I found cheap tickets with Italo, a high speed train company, (300km/h speed!) My intentions were good, visit the historic city, see the old university buildings, San Petronio Basilica, and try some traditional tortellini… However, I happened to choose the hottest few days, in the hottest city, in the hottest June that Italy had experienced in 150 years, so in actual fact I ended up doing none of those things. As soon as I left the grounds of the hostel I was practically floored by the 38 degree heat (that according to the weather forecast, “felt like 41”). Even on the one day when I decided to brave it and take the 30 minute walk into the town centre, leaving at 9am because I thought it might be cool enough, I just about made it to the centre before starting to feel faint from the heat and had to make my way back.

I was obviously a little disappointed as the trip didn’t turn out as I had planned, but thankfully the hostel and grounds were really nice, the whole inside was air conditioned, it had a small bar, study area and even cinema room. The outside, where I spent most of my time, was very spacious and green, with lots of areas to sit and tall trees giving much needed shade. During my few days there I managed to read 3 books, meet some very interesting people, and on my last night they had even arranged a band to play live outside, who happened to be from Bristol, and were excellent. On my last morning I ended up speaking to one of the members of the band and mentioned about being half Filipino (as I’m wont to do if given any opportunity) . It turned out that he was Filipino, and was actually born in the city where my family live now – talk about a small world! We reminisced, mainly about food, it was so strange to meet someone in Bologna who knew about Manokan Country in Bacolod, but such a welcome surprise!

So, the trip didn’t turn out as I had expected, but it was still totally enjoyable, and one day I will return to Bologna, maybe in Autumn, or even Winter, when I have a better chance of actually seeing anything!

Below are a couple of photos and a video of the band, in case you were interested 🙂

The Outside of the Hostel


Famous Porticos I managed to catch a glimpse of on my one trip downtown



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