I went to Sardinia for a week with my boyfriend. After a rough start, having been told there was a problem with the plumbing at the place we had booked and so flying into Olbia airport with no apparent accommodation, we ended up being given a much bigger apartment than we had paid for, in a great location, with a beautful view 🙂 

We stayed on the Costa Smeralda, just North of Olbia, in a complex called “Cugnana Verde”. The building we stayed in was a little dated but our apartment was spacious and clean. The staff were really friendly and recommended a restaurant, Il Borgo sul Mare, just a 2 minute drive from our apartment that served wonderful seafood (for bf) and great pizza (for me). We were not disappointed and went there twice for dinner. They even offered free Mirto (traditional Sardinian digestif, tasted a bit like medicine) or Limoncello after the meals, which I assumed would be just one shot sized glass but turned out to be a small caraffe of each!

On our first full day we ventured to the nearest beach which turned out to be a beautiful spot with pale grey, almost white sand and pristine water, called Spiagga Rena Bianca, which we returned to almost every other day to sunbathe and read.

One day we drove to the port at Palau to get the ferry across to La Maddalena, another island, where bf used to work. It was very pretty and we stopped for ice cream (of course), before driving across a bridge to another nearby island called Caprera, and relaxing on another beautiful beach. 

That day was particularly windy, and on the ferry on the way back to Sardinia the wind caught the car door as we were getting out and slammed it into a metal post which caused a pretty major dent. We were quite worried about how much the car hire company would charge us to repair it, after refusing the opportunity to pay for insurance at nearly €200 to reduce the excess to €50, but when we got back to Milan bf received an email saying we only had to pay €216, meaning it was actually cheaper than if we had bought the insurance in the first place!

Anyway, it was a very enjoyable and relaxing trip (I managed to get through 3 books, favourite being “The One in a Million Boy”, which is better than the title might suggest) and I would like to go back one day to explore further South next time. 


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