Beautiful Place, Beautiful People

As with my previous trip to the wonderful “Meet Hostel”, in Peschiera del Garda, I was lucky enough to meet some really cool, interesting people. One of my favourite things about travelling and staying in hostels is that it is so easy to make friends with people you would never have the chance to meet if you stayed in your home town. Let alone the fact that they are often from far flung countries, they also have totally different experiences, jobs, and ages, each of which might be a cause for you never to meet in a different situation, but for me it is so comforting to find that despite all of those differences, we always seem to have many ideas in common. We manage to communicate effectively, usually due to the fact that everyone I have met speaks almost perfect English, and can have fun and laugh together easily.

Compared to last time I stayed, the hostel was much busier, and so was the friendship group we formed, made up of several nationalities, mainly Europeans. I think our proudest, most bond-forming moment, was when we managed to arrange a huge BBQ on the roof, cooking for not only ourselves but also other guests at the hostel. It was SO organised. We each had roles to fill (buying supplies, preparing food, manning the BBQ…) After unsuccessfully suggesting myself for the role of “moral support”, I was tasked with pitching the BBQ to other guests at the hostel in order to collect more money so that we could have better supplies and more people involved. Thanks to my experienced selling partner, we did well, and ended up cooking for over 20 people on a lovely sunny evening. It was a definite success 🙂

So below are a few photos (some mine, some pinched) of the wonderful people I was lucky enough to meet –

Clubbing at the only club in Peschiera 🙂
Boys on the lake
BBQ Crew
Everyone on my last day
With substitute George, by the lake

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