Pizza Big // Big Pizza

At the weekend I went to “Pizza Big”, also known as “Big Pizza”, on Viale Brianza near the central station in Milan. I was pretty hungry by the time we got there and so was very happy to find that the pizzas definitely lived up to their name. The amount of dough used is probably the same as a regular pizza you could find in any pizzeria here in Milan, but it is stretched so thinly that you end up with a very light, crispy base with a huge surface area and so lots of room for toppings 😀 I opted for the “Italiana” pizza, because I liked the idea of the topping combination (spicy salami, rucola and 4 cheeses), but didn’t really understand the name until it arrived and was set out in coloured segments to resemble the Italian flag – cute!

It’s only a small restaurant and we went quite early (by Italian standards) at around 6pm, but it filled up very quickly, with what seemed to be lots of locals, as the owner was greeting a lot of people by name, which is always a good sign. There were also photos by the counter of the owner with some celebrities who had visited which I guess means it must be popular among those in the know, the only one I recognised was Michael Bublé, but he looked very happy to be there! I really recommend this place if you want to try a super thin very delicious pizza and happen to be near Centrale, they do takeaway too. It was so good, I finished the whole thing, which is no mean feat, look at the size of it!


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