Weekend in Como

Spring time is officially here so I decided to make the most of Groupon Italia and book a weekend in a hotel in Como province just North of Milan. We stayed in a beautiful hotel called Albavilla, in a town of the same name. Looking at the reviews on trip advisor I noticed that even though the overall score was only 3 stars, it seemed that all the most recent reviews were very good. Digging deeper, I found that the hotel had been refurbished last year, and I think was under new management, so decided to give it the benefit of the doubt and am so glad I did! 

It’s a lovely hotel, the rooms were very modern, with amazing views especially when eating breakfast and being able to look out over the mountains. The food was also excellent, our stay included a 3 course dinner on one night and we both absolutely demolished all of our dishes. Also, one afternoon we sat outside to watch the sunset with Aperol Spritzs and aperitivo snacks but when we came to pay they weren’t on our bill, when we questioned it we were told something to the effect of “Oh, the manager forgot to charge for it, never mind.” In general the staff were very accommodating and two of the three I spoke to spoke good English. Definitely reccomend this place for anyone wanting a relaxing trip out of the city.

We drove through Como itself but didn’t stop, as we were on a mission to find some kind of magical forest of tree carvings that we had read about online, which sounded great, but unfortunately we had each been looking at different magical forests of tree carvings and so got pretty lost and confused trying to find our way. Top tip for if you ever decide to go see the wood carvings in Como province – pick one site, as they are about 2 hours drive apart.

The carvings we saw were nice, in a place called Valle Intelvi, but it was pretty hard to find even once we had chosen one since the only sign indicating the start of the walk had be knocked down. With a pretty steep walk through incredible scenery, we stopped on the side of a mountain for a picnic which was briefly interrupted by a charging deer !

All in all a lovely trip, and less than a 2 hour drive out of Milan, will certainly be back.

A for Albavilla
View from the hotel restaurant
Ken loved the view
Spooky carving
Super steep
Well deserved aperitivo

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