I finally managed to get back to the amazing Italian food hall “Eataly” (on Piazza Venticinque Aprile). The Easter displays are all out now offering a wide variety of tempting chocolate treats. I visited with a friend and while perusing the aisles for some time, neither of us managed to resist buying a few of the items on offer.

When walked in on the ground floor the first thing to hit me was the sweet smell of ripe strawberries, quickly followed by the sight of an impressive display of intricately decorated Easter eggs, and traditional Italian Easter cakes, called “Colomba”, shaped like doves. There are large individual sections each for confectionary, biscuits, pasta and olive oil (shown below), and a whole floor dedicated to wine and craft beer!

I went with the intention of picking up some gifts to take back to England, but I’m not sure all of them will make it back… They just look far too delicious.

Venchi Chocolate Easter display
All the Olive Oil
Chocolate fountain
View from the first floor

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