Weekend in Garda

Lake Garda
Enormous Nutella and raspberry – winning combination
No summer trip in Italy is complete without a Spritz
With the boats
With bf
Beautiful Blue
“Did it take?” “I don’t think so…”

Lake Garda is absolutely one of my favourite places. It’s hard to tell if that’s because it was the site of my first solo travel experience, because of the wonderful, interesting people I met there, or due to the aesthetic beauty of the lake and surrounding areas, but I think it must be a combination of all three.

I was a little reluctant to head back after my first trip earlier this year, worried that it wouldn’t live up to my memories, but revisiting Peschiera was a highlight of my month in Milan.

This time was different, I wasn’t travelling alone, and having spent 6 days there before, I took on the responsibility of “tour guide”. I had loved the freedom of being able to decide where to go and what to do in my own time previously, and thought this might be difficult, but thankfully bf and I were of a similar mind. Strolling around, sitting on benches and eating ice cream while I rattled off what snippets of information I could recall about the town from my last trip (highly useful insights such as “They serve a pesto cocktail in that bar!” and “I got to use the toilet in that old prison last time!”), seemed to please us both.

We stayed in an apartment at a campsite called “Camping Bella Italia”, which was basic but clean and had everything we needed. It was walking distance to the centre of the town and had a few restaurants and a supermarket within the complex. I’d recommend it especially for families as they had more than one huge swimming pool and lots of attractions/entertainment for children.

There was some kind of triathlon going on this weekend, and still the summer season, so it was much busier than in the spring but still very enjoyable and we even managed to find a quiet spot by the lake to sunbathe and nap on our last day 🙂


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