Flying Solo

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After a turbulent few weeks back in England following my months in The Philippines, I decided to get away again, to get some perspective and to rediscover (or maybe just discover) my independence. For the first time in my life I booked a trip to be taken completely alone, and although I was pretty terrified, I was also determined. I’d met people in The Philippines that convinced me that travelling could be a totally life changing experience. I was in awe of the stories they told and the more I met, the more I realised that this was what I needed to be doing too. I was actually insanely envious, and by the time I left I was in no doubt that I had to experience it for myself.

I had no idea where to go, I felt like I wanted to see everything but had no inclination of where to start. While discussing this dilemma with an Italian friend, he brought up the option of going to visit him in Italy, so I jumped at the opportunity and booked my flight for Milan. I’m still not sure if he really thought I would take him up on his offer but if he was surprised or put out he never let on and was a wonderful host, helped me plan transport for the rest of my trip, picked me up from the Central Station, and showed me a few places around the city.

We visited the Columns of San Lorenzo, which seemed to be the place where all the cool kids go to sit and hang out and wear black. We also went for a walk and a “happy hour” in the Navigli district, where you pay for a drink and get to eat as much as you like from a buffet for free. I was astounded by the size of the jar of Nutella in the dessert section, it was probably about the same size as my head. Possibly most importantly, I tried my first Aperol Spritz, which became my drink of choice for this trip and will forever remind me of Spring time in Italy.

The start of my trip went perfectly and I couldn’t wait to carry on and see what would be waiting for me at Lake Garda 🙂


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