Motorcycle Tour


Guimaras wind farm, definite evidence of il nino but still beautiful

Guimaras, Philippines ❤️ #travel #igtravel #journey #adventure #explore #pinoypride

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It's SO much more fun in the Philippines 🌴

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In passing, I had briefly mentioned to my cousin that I would quite like to ride on a motorbike at some point, but that I was a bit scared to do so. On our first day in Guimaras, after we had been at her aunt’s house in the mountains for about an hour, just relaxing, drinking fresh buko juice (coconut water), and chatting, I was suddenly rushed out to the front of the house. A pretty cool dude was sat outside, no smile, shades, on a motorbike, apparently waiting for me. I was so shocked, there was no time for me to protest so I just clambered onto the bike, my cousin laughing that it was “Now or never!”. I was nervous, with no helmet an no clue what to expect, but I had the time of my LIFE. It was so much fun. I guess anyone who has been on a motorbike before already knows but it was really really awesome, feeling the wind on your face, winding around the mountain roads, I imagine it’s a little like being a bird… I definitely have to do it again, but next I want to be in control and ride alone!

We visited a wind farm and a beach 🙂


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