Blue Elephant Sky Lounge

View from the top
My phone camera could not cope with all the blue lights!

Cebu city streets #citylife #Philippines #travel #igtravel #cars #night

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At the top of the Apple One Tower in Cebu is the Blue Elephant Sky Lounge. It’s a very stylish, modern bar/restaurant, and the views are impressive at night. Going there for drinks after a trip to the equally charming but very different La Vie Parisienne, I decided to return a few nights later to try the food. It was just OK. I ordered a “Caesar Salad”, which arrived as an absolute mountain of what appeared to be anything and everything the chef could find, including onions, carrots, tomatoes and cashew nuts! Unlike any Caesar Salad I’d ever had before, it wasn’t inedible, just not exactly what I was expecting. My cousin was a little disappointed with her order of Pad Thai, which she said lacked flavour. All in all though it was an enjoyable experience due to the attentive staff combined with the chilled atmosphere and views. I would recommend this as a great place to come for a few drinks in the evening.


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