In Boracay we stayed in a place called Eriko’s. It was fairly priced (thanks to a friend who got us a discount) considering its proximity to the beach, and compared to many other options on the island, but we had a few issues (the balcony door not opening/closing, the shower head being broken, the plug sockets hanging off the wall, and the precariously balanced air conditioning unit wedged in place by blocks of polystyrene [see picture above]). For us it was fine, we just wanted a place to sleep that was close to the beach and close to the nightlife. However if you are looking for somewhere more peaceful, or even, somewhere where you can’t hear the music blaring from Summer Place until at least 4am every night/morning, I’d suggest looking for alternatives. At points you could literally feel the vibrations from the base in our room! We didn’t find it a problem, actually it encouraged us to be more social than I’d anticipated as we realised we wouldn’t be able to sleep through the noise and so “may as well go out” 8/11 nights 🙈


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