The Store


I’ve spent a few days this last week in the store owned by my family in Kabugwason in Bacolod. It used to be located at the front of their old house, but transferred when the whole area was flattened by the government in a “beautifying” scheme. It’s still unoccupied more than 5 years on 😒 As a child I learnt how to count and speak in Illongo (a Filipino dialect) by working in the store, selling, among other things, sweets, soap, and notebooks. We don’t have shops like this in England, the closest I suppose is a corner shop, but these Filipino stores sell a wider variety of products, and in very small quantities, a single cigarette, or a cup of rice, just enough to last people the day. They’re very popular and often after closing at 7.30pm (as it does every day bar Sunday) it is common to hear calls of “Bakal ko!” (“I want to buy!”) from kids still looking to buy lollipops or crisps/chips.

Above are pictures from inside the Aladin’s cave of the store, and the site of the old house and store.


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